A regular savings plan can be one of the cornerstones of prudent financial planning
and is a great way to achieve a long-term financial objective.
More about our investment philosophy

We advise individuals and corporates on the best way
to save for a future life
event or goal.

This could typically include:

  • Children’s educations
  • A parent wishing to create a future nest
    egg to help their kids buy a house.
  • A parent wishing to invest funds regularly
    for their children or grandchildren.
  • Using the yearly small gift exemption as a way of minimising CAT (Capital Acquisitions Tax) on their death
  • Getting a better return on their savings than the bank or post office
  • Saving for a life event like taking a year
    out to travel
  • Saving surplus income for future
    unspecified spending.

We’ll help you to

  • Decide how much you should save.
  • How long the policy should last – what term.
  • What kind of return you can reasonably expect
  • What are suitable investment founds to consider?
  • How much risk you should take?
  • How should risk be managed?
  • What is the most appropriate savings plan for you?

Financial Planning is about providing guidance that you can trust

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