Financial Planning for Individuals, Families and Business Owners

Our pension planning expertise will help you Accumulate, Preserve and Distribute your
hard earned “retirement pot”

Our Holistic Planning approach ensures everything is co-ordinated and working together for you
Citylife Galway ensures that your Taxes, Investments, Pensions, Insurance, Mortgages, Estate Planning are co-ordinated and working together for you.

Financial Planning Services


We listen to your life story

We want to know your hopes and dreams, your life goals and aspirations, your risk tolerance, your relationship with money and your current financial circumstances.

  • personal and financial circumstances
  • financial ambitions
  • financial fears and challenges
  • attitude to risk
  • financial behaviour

We create a unique financial plan

We overlay a financial plan with your life journey, identifying strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats and then we create a unique financial plan to achieve your goals.

  • modelling future projections if required
  • consider alternatives
  • explore issues which you may not yet have considered

We implement that plan

We help you implement that plan with financial structures that will work for you.

  • identify required actions
  • support client to implement the necessary actions

We ensure you stay on track

We ensure you stay on track with regular reviews and financial coaching.

  • progress towards goals
  • changing circumstances of client
  • changing financial markets and regulation

Start by doing what is necessary, then what is possible
and suddenly you are doing the impossible

St. Francis of Assisi

Financial Planning Services