Financial Protection

What would happen to your family if you were to die unexpectedly? Financial protection for you and your family is the first building block of a financial plan.

The financial consequences for any family should the bread winner(s) die prematurely, be diagnosed with a serious illness or be unable to work due to a long-term illness, can be catastrophic.

Dealing with the bad things that life may throw at us can be traumatic enough without having the additional anxiety caused by the resulting loss of income or additional expenditure.It may be impossible to maintain your living standards if you are unable to work or have a serious illness.

The devastation caused to a family due to the early demise of a parent is not just financial, it’s a serious financial heart break.

We are experts in making sure that you have a comprehensive protection programme in place. This may entail looking at the following:

  • Mortgage Protection to ensure your loans are adequately covered in the most cost effective and comprehensive manner.
  • Life Assurance to provide bereaved families with an immediate lump sum and ensure no curtailment in their living standards.
  • Specified Illness cover to provide a lump sum in the event of a diagnosis of a specified serious illness.
  • Income Protection cover to provide replacement income until retirement age in the event of an accident, illness, or injury. This can be arranged on a personal individual basis or through your own business as appropriate.

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