Great morning last Friday in the Harbour Hotel at UBFit’s inaugural Breakfast Forum in association with City Life Galway.  A full room of motivated individuals were treated to an inspirational presentation from our own Pat O’Dwyer and Daithí O’Connor of Revive Active.

The theme of the morning’s presentation was “Your Health is your Wealth and Your […]

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As we look forward to next week’s greatest National Hunt Racing Festival in the world my mind wanders back to the last time I ‘walked’ the hallowed ground that is Prestbury Park. It was 2006 and a Grey 5-year-old gelding, Sky’s the Limit (11/1) ridden by Barry Geraghty won the Coral Cup by 4 lengths […]

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I am often asked what I do for a living.  When I mention the fact that I am a Financial Planner, a curious glazed look falls upon the enquirer and they fall silent.  Some brave souls will ask you exactly “what does that mean, what exactly do you do?” but others just nod or might […]

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There has been significant investment volatility & ‘noise’ in recent weeks from World Equity Markets. We hear about Brexit daily, Trade Wars between USA and China and potential interest rate hikes in Europe and the States.  This can have a very unsettling effect upon investors who take a very short-term view in their outlook, trying […]

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By and large the past 9 years have been a remarkable time for investors. In the face of a terrifying meltdown in world markets during 2007/2008 across all asset categories, investors were reluctant initially “to get back on the horse” and commit hard earned money into risky assets.

However quantitative easing (QE) from a litany of […]

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We had a visit from a Wise Friend who recited this poem for us ……..

What Constitutes a Happy Life

Enough money to meet your needs
Steady work
A comfortable fire
A clear distance from the law
A minimum of city business
A peaceful mind and a healthy body
Simple wisdom and firm friends
Enjoyable dinners and plain living
Nights free from care
A virtuous […]

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Pat O'Dwyer

The Magnificent 7….

By: Pat O'Dwyer

The Magnificent 7 (ways to lose money) !

I completed a B.Comm degree in 1984 and went in search of a job. I got one in the insurance industry and have been involved in this industry since – 33 years. That’s a long time!
Like many industries, I’ve witnessed radical changes, most, thankfully for the betterment of […]

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CityLife Galway Autumn Event

CityLife Galway hosted Autumn Event at O’Donoghue Centre, NUI Galway.

Our speakers were Chief Economist with Friends First, Jim Power who gave us an outline of current economic trends. Pat O’Dwyer MD, CityLife Galway gave an in depth presentation on the “Seven Deadly Sins” which you can read about on our news. We […]

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College Fees and your Child!!!

The leaves are turning golden brown and there are a few more of them blowing about each day. It can only really mean one thing – back to the fun of learning for all students, and the financial worries that go hand in hand with this time of year for parents!

It’s […]

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Life sometimes can be a game of chance, but the adoption of a few basic operating procedures can certainly improve your ability to be successful. Talking to the right person is a good starting point. The world of Investment and Gambling are not automatic bedfellows but there are many similarities in the way you can […]

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