Some of our more recent clients…

To give you a flavour, some of
our more recent clients have

  • A Builder looking to purchase a property within their Company pension plans.
  • A Solicitor starting out with their first pension largely driven by the significant tax advantages of a pension.
  • An employee looking at their redundancy options and trying to figure out the best option to choose.
  • An SME owner who is just selling their business and wants to make a pension contribution before doing so.
  •  Public sector employee wishing to maximise their retirement lump sum.
  • Husband and wife looking for a comprehensive protection program for their family.
  • A bank employee who needed advice on whether to retain a defined benefit pension or elect to transfer their pension fund into their own pension arrangement.
  • A Doctor who is very anxious to ensure there is going to be enough funds available to educate their four children.
  • A retiree who is getting no return on a significant deposit in the bank and seeks an alternative investment option.
  • A tech company who wishes to set up a PRSA scheme for their employees.
  • Private business professional with multiple pension pots from previous employments and wants to know their options.

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